Friday, February 24

NYC- A Few Weeks Late...

Happy Friday, all!

I realized that I forgot to post my pictures from my whirlwind of a business trip a few weeks ago, so I thought it was only fair that I do so now!

On the train... hair up, making sure it dries without unsightly tangles!

First time in client's office!  Brain dump!!

The new World Trade Center towers! New Yorkers have become amazing efficient in and around the construction site... (as if they had a choice!)

The new WTC towers in all their glory! I'm lucky I got the perfect weather to take this the day I was there!

The view from my hotel! It's right by Battery Park and beside the WTC in the Financial District.

View to the side... and the Hudson. Ah, and beautiful downtown Jersey City.

Nice digs, especially since they put me on the 16th floor!  Holla! (And yes, I chose to rumple the bed BEFORE deciding I needed a shot of the room.) 

The washroom at a swanky, very old, downtown Club.  Following the taking of this photograph, I noted that there was a sign inside asking guests (members and their guests- such exclusivity!) are not permitted to take any pictures in the Club. Oops.


That's all for now.  Whew!  Working from home has been VERY productive- for my blog as well as my actual work!! Can't ask for much more than that, can ya?

To be continued...

Friday, February 17

Me... in a nutshell. (Or, in a stolen jpeg) ;-)

There it is, ladies and gentlemen.  This girl has everything I like, want, already have because I love(d) it, and want to be... well, with the exception of personality, only because I haven't actually met her.

1. The hair. I have been dying my hair- slowly but surely- over the last year to get it back to be lighter, and then toward being lighter than it ever was before.  This would be the perfect shade of blonde.  If you know me, you know I used to despise this type of thing.  But, if you know that, then you also used to know I used to hate the color pink and had a giant chip on my shoulder about being petite... along with everything else.

2. The infinity scarf.  I have been making plans to make one, as I think it's an ingenius idea.  I'm not one to begrugde trends, because I'm no hipster.  I think that if something becomes that popular, there's usually a reason.  I don't like Jersey Shore or tout Apple for making the best products on the market, so I'm not a complete slave to trends, but I will say this- I don't care if everyone's wearing something I like, too.  It just means they have good taste!

3.  The fairisle sweater.  I love that her sweater is navy blue- a color I was told when I started to go really blonde looked good with light blonde hair- and form-fitting.  I think that slouchy sweaters definitely have their place, but sometimes the perfect fit is just that- perfect.  You can just never go wrong with navy blue and white and something that fits you perfectly- no matter your size.

4. The leather strap tie belt.  I love that she did this, because this is absolutely something I would do, too.  It tightens without being an actual belt- devil things that I hate.

5. Jeans that fit.  See number 3.  You can't beat a good fit.  Not too tight or revealing, not so baggy that you can't see her shape.  Very nice.

6. The plaid wedge boots. Though not just like mine, seen here- these are adorable while conveying the same idea- casual, but attractive. These boots don't say you aren't trying, but they definitely aren't trying too hard.

7. The structured, carry-all bag.  This statement bag says it all.  I love that it is structured and classy enough for work, but she's taking it out for chores/errands, too.  It's perfect, and it goes so well with the rest of her ensemble. 

8. THE DOG.  Now, EVERYONE that knows me knows that I have been wanting a Bernese Moutain dog forrrr-eeeeeeevvvvv-eerrrrrrr.  This girl.... gah!  How does she know? How did she do it? How did my mom find this picture- and before me?!  So perfect.

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Wednesday, February 15

My Lumps...My Lumps...My Dreaded Winter Lumps

Okay, okay... so this one may not be about doing nothing, per se... but it has nothing to do with motivation for work and everything to do with physical motivation. 


This needs to be me in the very near future.

"What's that, stomach?  You feel full of bread all the time? You're tired of eating the same old stuff and not being able to be flat? Yeah, I hear ya."

Honestly, though- when do people make the actual time to do this... without the extreme cost, stress (when to go, when to leave work/get to work, where to park, what machine to use, how long to use it and which ones to use subsequently, etc.), and wear on your time?

Every time I think about going to the gym, I think about what it's costing me (or will, after my LivingSocial month-long deal runs out)- the cost of parking, the drive there and back, and when to go so it will hopefully not be peak hours... I get tired.

I remember the days of Jillian...

This might be the best DVD ever.  While it doesn't have as much cardio as one might like, you can always get that at the gym, outside, or in your living room with a dance DVD or dance workout video on your cable provider's On Demand.

This DVD will kick your ass, guaranteed.  I know men who have sweat profusely (or were those tears?) during this video.  Mark my words, folks.

I think after this month, I may have my new (old) workout plan