Wednesday, February 15

My Lumps...My Lumps...My Dreaded Winter Lumps

Okay, okay... so this one may not be about doing nothing, per se... but it has nothing to do with motivation for work and everything to do with physical motivation. 


This needs to be me in the very near future.

"What's that, stomach?  You feel full of bread all the time? You're tired of eating the same old stuff and not being able to be flat? Yeah, I hear ya."

Honestly, though- when do people make the actual time to do this... without the extreme cost, stress (when to go, when to leave work/get to work, where to park, what machine to use, how long to use it and which ones to use subsequently, etc.), and wear on your time?

Every time I think about going to the gym, I think about what it's costing me (or will, after my LivingSocial month-long deal runs out)- the cost of parking, the drive there and back, and when to go so it will hopefully not be peak hours... I get tired.

I remember the days of Jillian...

This might be the best DVD ever.  While it doesn't have as much cardio as one might like, you can always get that at the gym, outside, or in your living room with a dance DVD or dance workout video on your cable provider's On Demand.

This DVD will kick your ass, guaranteed.  I know men who have sweat profusely (or were those tears?) during this video.  Mark my words, folks.

I think after this month, I may have my new (old) workout plan

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