Tuesday, January 24

The Dreaded (or Anticipated?) Business Trip...


The time has come- again- to travel to the Big Apple. Whoa, whoa, whoa.... now before you go and get all jealous, I feel it necessary to make it abundantly clear that I work for a company that does not have it's employees do this very often.  And because they are not very practiced in the ways of business travel- or because they lack the capital (we're small)- it means that I will be traveling via train VERY early and VERY late at night- and possibly staying at a dump that is masquerading as a Plaza-knockoff because I was trying to find a great deal.  

I have a few theories on this "business travel" lifestyle and the observations you make as a result of them.  Sit tight to your in-need-of-a-renovation, stuffed (and possibly bedbug-laden) chairs, people... it's gonna be a bumpy ride. 

Thursday, January 19