Friday, February 24

NYC- A Few Weeks Late...

Happy Friday, all!

I realized that I forgot to post my pictures from my whirlwind of a business trip a few weeks ago, so I thought it was only fair that I do so now!

On the train... hair up, making sure it dries without unsightly tangles!

First time in client's office!  Brain dump!!

The new World Trade Center towers! New Yorkers have become amazing efficient in and around the construction site... (as if they had a choice!)

The new WTC towers in all their glory! I'm lucky I got the perfect weather to take this the day I was there!

The view from my hotel! It's right by Battery Park and beside the WTC in the Financial District.

View to the side... and the Hudson. Ah, and beautiful downtown Jersey City.

Nice digs, especially since they put me on the 16th floor!  Holla! (And yes, I chose to rumple the bed BEFORE deciding I needed a shot of the room.) 

The washroom at a swanky, very old, downtown Club.  Following the taking of this photograph, I noted that there was a sign inside asking guests (members and their guests- such exclusivity!) are not permitted to take any pictures in the Club. Oops.


That's all for now.  Whew!  Working from home has been VERY productive- for my blog as well as my actual work!! Can't ask for much more than that, can ya?

To be continued...

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