Tuesday, September 10

A little (big) news...

That's right, ladies and gents- I have now joined the legions of celebrities that have been running out and getting themselves engaged!

Never thought I'd see the day, I tell ya. I know my friends from college and high school probably think the same thing. It's so strange to think of yourself as the same person (or kid) that once dated other pimple-faced kids and wore chucks unironically and ate ketchup packets without being dared. But that sun has (thankfully) set, and now a new dawn is upon us, friends. We are now adults; ready and able to make life-long decisions, like what toothpaste you actually like the best, what style of clothes look best on your body type, and with whom you will spend the REST of your LIFE.

Pretty heavy stuff, right?

Aaaaaaand....when you DO get engaged, look at all of the fun stuff that begins to take over your life fills your schedule!


(Flowers from the Diamond Events booth.)

(Dandelion Patch- I believe. Truth is, a few of the stationers had a few of the same prints on display.)


We were thinking we might go with a Southern Mansion sort of venue...  
(Morven Park- Leesburg, Virginia)

(Oatlands Plantation- Leesburg, Virginia)

(Raspberry Plain- Leesburg, Virginia)

Needless to say, my big Dream of Doing Nothing has had to set sail without me, as of recent. But.... with all the business, I've definitely been enjoying this:

(This must be new- at least around here! We'd never seen them before, but they look awesome, don't they? Very apropos.)

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