Wednesday, August 29

I know, I know. It's been far too long- as always. If anyone has any idea how it is that you carve out time for a solid blog post every other day or a few times a week, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I would LOVE to be able to share with everyone all of the things I've thought and judged with my friends as often as we do them- which, as you can guess, would be enough to keep even the MOST unfocused person occupied for quite some time.

 I believe it is incumbent upon me to start this (hopefully regular) flurry of postings with a solid one for which I cannot take full credit. My "dear" friend, Cindy, and I have slowly but surely combed our favorite magazines, blogs, and twitter feeds for our favorite 'love to hate them' phrases.

Ahem... they are.... as follows:  

Words and Phrases “Blogstresses” NEED to Stop Using in Order for Us to Take Them Seriously
  1. “I die...”
  2. “My dear friends” or “dear friend”, etc. 
  3.  “adore”
  4. “divine”
  5. “simply divine"
  6. “obsessed”
  7. “juxtaposition”
  8. "dine" or "dined"
  9. "this piece", "that piece", "my favorite piece", etc.
  10. "vintage _____"  

Eh? Eh? Are we right? Haha  Unfortunately, about halfway down this list, I started to realize that I was just making an entire list of things I don't like that Rachel Zoe says, so I just decided to cap it off at an even 10. I don't mean to be cruel, as I still am impressed with a lot of the work these people do, it's just... ugh. I guess I just feel like there's more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak), and dressing it up in pretty clothes first (metaphor for language, people) is probably not the route I'd go.

Thoughts? What are some of the phrases/words that make you cringe?

Hint (not that you NEED one for this!): ever notice how all editorial interviews with celebs pretty much start out the same way? "______ breezed into the  Chateau Marmontunnoticed, despite having just braved the paparazzi last night at the premiere for her latest film, __________. She fluttered across the room and tumbled into the booth, where she sighed a deep sigh. Of relief? Of utter exhaustion? As she ordered the mussel soup and pinto salad, I decided I was about to find out..."

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