Tuesday, June 5

Ever Wonder Where All the Awesome/Witty People Went?

Wow... I've really been feeling superior lately.  Heh heh heh.  Just kidding.  But seriously, does anyone else ever really wonder where all of the (other) non-idiotic people have run off to?  I keep having that unsettled feeling, like the last squirrel after all of the other woodland creatures feel the Apocalypse- tremor and stampede the heck outta dodge.

Mainly, it's things that make me give this face:      

Yeah... thank you, rage comics.  You've hit the nail on the good-ol'-fashioned astonishingly stupid head with that one.

So, if I can rustle up some classic examples of this, we'll be on our way...

Yes- "fail" to be sure

I'm REALLY hoping that he is just the victim of a cruel, cruel joke here. If not, come, on, bro. It's a lesson in proportions, if nothing else!

Caught this one in a magazine I was reading.  Again, what is wrong with people??


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